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MFGComponentDrawing NumberHeat LotDate RangeSerial# RangeNotes
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HRAAperatureB8868-1Type 3January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Late version. Squared ramp shoulders below aperature disk. Wide tracks (0.085 inches wide). Edges of aperture disk smoothly finished.
HRABarrelD6528287N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Marked "HRA". Receiver Serial #'s 5,600,000 - 5,700,000 may have barrels manufactured by LMC and marked "LMR".
HRABolt6528287 H.R.A./U.W.N/AJanuary/1954 to December/19565548827 - 6034729All may have been made my Underwood. Hole in bottom.
HRABolt6528287 HRAUWJanuary/1954 to December/19565548827 - 6034729All may have been made my Underwood. Hole in bottom.
HRABoltD6528287 HRAUWJanuary/1953 to December/19544660001 - 4800000All may have been made my Underwood. Hole in bottom.
HRABullet GuideB8875Type 5January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Stamped steel, wide slot. Notch 0.25 inch in radius on upper left side.
HRAButtplate AssemblyC64283Type 2January/1953 to December/19574660001 - 6034729Cap, 12 squares in vertical row intersecting screw hole.
HRAClip EjectorC46018N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6100500parkerized
HRAClip LatchC46011Springfield 2January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 5793547Squared front end, unmarked
HRAClip Latch PinN/AN/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 60347293.280 inches long,head is 0.155 inches in diameter and 0.065 inches high. Opposite end slightly rounded. Body of pin is 0.119 inches in diameter.
HRAClip Latch SpringN/AN/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 60347290.03 inch steel wire, 5 coils, outside diameter 0.26 inch. White finish is original, Parkerized indicates refinishing.
HRAElevating PinionN/AType 4January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Postwar with 8-36NF thread, no locking bar
HRAElevation KnobN/AType 2January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Postwar, integral part of pinion, may be marked "HRA-W" or "HRA".
HRAExtractorN/AN/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Parkerized.
HRAExtractor Spring and PlungerB8886N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729 
HRAFiring PinB8879N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Half round cross section.
HRAFollower and SlideN/AType 2FJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Unmarked.
HRAFollower ArmB8869Type 4January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729No bevel, rounded follower arm pin lugs. Unmarked.
HRAFollower Arm PinA13667Type 3January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729No rebate on either end, straight shaft.
HRAFollower RodC64331Type 5January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Stamped sheet metal. Long fork plate riveted. No marking. Grooves/knurls eliminated.
HRAFront Hand GuardC64245N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729 
HRAFront SiteB147427Type 3AJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 60342790.687 width at blades.
HRAFront Site ScrewN/AType 3January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Non-rebated head. Head may be smooth or knurled.
HRAGas CylinderD35449Type 2CJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729.575 - .580 inch front sight base, flat top on rear ring, unmarked. May show numbers or letters for machinist's marks.
HRAGas Cylinder LockB147426Type 3BJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Front face not chamfered. Hardened, high hump with round edges.Unmarked. 1.455 inches high.
HRAGas Cylinder Lock Screw(Plug)B7310079Type 3January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Return poppet valve, cross shaped slot. Marked "HRA" or "HRA O".
HRAHammerHRA 5546008N/AJanuary/1954 to December/19565488247 - 6034729Drawing number on face, early hooks, no tooling hole. Other numbers on HRA hammers signify M14 production.
HRAHammerHRA C5546008Type 2AJanuary/1953 to November/19534660001 - 4800000Drawing number on face, early hooks, no tooling hole.
HRAHammer PinA13668N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729 
HRAHammer SpringB8887N/AJanuary/1952 to November/19564660001 - 603472920 coils
HRAHammer Spring HousingB8883Type 2January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729 
HRAHammer Spring PlungerB8880Type 2January/1952 to November/19564660001 - 60347291.50 inches long, "wingless" head, 0.40 inches wide.
HRAHandguard ClipN/AType 3January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Stamped steel, flat profile, no groove.
HRAHandguard FerruleN/AType 2January/1953 to December/19574660001 - 6034729Lip protruding .06 inches from rear barrel hole.
HRAHandguard LinerB8893Type 4January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Unmarked. No front or rear hole. Notch is .70 inches wide by .15 inches deep.
HRALower BandC46000Type 3January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Stamped flat profile with no groove or scallops. Unmarked.
HRALower Band PinN/AType 2January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Roll pin.
HRAOperating Rod6535382 HRA10January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Straight bolt lug, 5/16 radius cut, flat side, marking on bottom
HRAOperating Rod Catch AssemblyC46027Type 2January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Unmarked. Right fork 0.10 in wide and Left fork 0.07 in wide, width at accelerator rivet 0.79 in.
HRAOperating Rod SpringSA14675/B147658N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034739Round cross section.
HRARear Hand GuardC46024Type 2January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Operating rod clearance cut on right rear.
HRARear Sight BaseC46001Type 2January/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Unmarked.
HRARear Sight CoverB8872N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564660001 - 6034729Similar to Type 2 SA. Indentations struck deeper.
HRARear Sight Lock NutN/AType 3January/1953 to December/19564660000 - 6034729Windage knob nut.
HRAReceiver6528291N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19544660001 - 5793847 
HRAReceiver652891-XN/AJanuary/1954 to December/19564660001 - 5793847 
HRAReceiverD-628291N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19534660001 - 5793847 
HRAReceiverD628291-AAN/AJanuary/1954 to December/19564660001 - 5793846 
HRAReceiverD628291-EN/AJanuary/1955 to December/19565488247 - 5793847 
HRAReceiverD628291-JN/AJanuary/1954 to December/19544660001 - 5793847 

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