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USRIFLECAL30M1.COM M1 Garand Master List
List started by MikeD@Jouster/CMP Forum
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HRA4660058Private OwnerCMP Auction 
HRA4660060Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 2237
HRA4660062Private OwnerCMP 
HRA4660094Private OwnerauctionRifle sat in a closet in South Carolina till the death of the owner. It was in there for almost 40 years. His family at the sugestion of a friend put it on gun broker. All I replaced was the stock with the S.A. WHEEL on the stock. It is now a correct very early H.R.A..
HRA4660134Private OwnerCMPMay-53
HRA4660173PrivatePrivate4-53 HRA bbl
HRA4660174Private OwnerCMP 
HRA4660178Private OwnerCMPMay-53
HRA4660364Private OwnerCMP 
HRA4660420Private OwnerCMPLEAD 6-66
HRA4660483Private Ownerunkown 
HRA4660543Wickstrom @ CMPForumsCMP4/53 HRA Barrel
HRA4660590Private OwnerCMPApr-53
HRA4660635sa3006@outlook.comCMPMixmaster. CMP SG with CMP wood. Always looking for a sequential serial .
HRA4660652Private OwnerCMP 
HRA4660670Private OwnerCMP 
HRA4660684Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 4122
HRA4660729Private OwnerCMP 
HRA4660781Private OwnerCMPSA bolt, SA trigger group, HR hammer, HR op-rod, HRA elevation, DRC windage. unmarked stock.
HRA4660830Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 4189 Service Grade
HRA4660835Private OwnerCMP 
HRA4660903Private OwnerCMPApr-53
HRA4660905Private OwnerCMPApr-53
HRA4661008Private OwnerCMPApr-53
HRA4661096Private OwnerCMP 
HRA4661112Private OwnerCMPApr-53
HRA4661216Private OwnerCMPHRA 4-52 barrel / Backwards 3 anomaly
HRA4661234Private OwnerCMPBBL 2-52 HRA – BACKWARDS 3 ANOMOLY
HRA4661251Private OwnerCMP ForumsItem #243
HRA4661259Private OwnerCMP Auction 
HRA4661260Private OwnerCMP Auction 
HRA4661300Private OwnerGarand Data 
HRA4661333Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 2467
HRA4661394Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 3078
HRA4661441Private OwnerCMPHRA 3/52 barrel, Service grade
HRA4661498Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseBackwards 3, 3/8 ord wheel stock, heart trigger group
HRA4661565Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 3747
HRA4661663Private OwnerPrivateOrdnance wheel stock, Hart trigger group w/SA 3 hammer, cut Winchester op rod, and early op rod catch
HRA4661770Private OwnerCMP forumsDrill rifle
HRA4661811Private OwnerCMP forums 
HRA4661901Private OwnerCMP 
HRA4661987Private OwnerCMP 
HRA4661988dpd3672Private PurchaseOrdnance Wheel Stock, Hart Trigger Group
HRA4662213Private OwnerCMP forums 
HRA4662357Private OwnerScott Duffs Sales
HRA4662511Private OwnerCMP 
HRA4662551Private OwnerJouster Forums 
HRA4662559Private OwnerGarand Data 

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