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USRIFLECAL30M1.COM M1 Garand Master List
List started by MikeD@Jouster/CMP Forum
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 1695 items in 34 pages
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 1695 items in 34 pages
WRA1282988Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1283323Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1283545Private OwnerCMPSA 7 46 Barrel
WRA1283900Private OwnerCMPPurchased from CMP approximately 10 years ago.
WRA1284068Private OwnerCMP forums 
WRA1284138Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 3232
WRA1284166Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1284193Private OwnerBattlerifles 
WRA1284460Private OwnerBattlerifles 
WRA1284634Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1284661Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1284833Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1284978Private OwnerAmback 
WRA1285177Keith EichenlaubGreek ReturnIntact original Barrel , bolt, uncut OP rod, Seting in a DAS stamped stock with a (AN) Anniston rework stamp left side stock.
WRA1285569Private OwnerCMP forums 
WRA1285719Private OwnerBattlerifles 
WRA1285828Private OwnerCMPWRA receiver everything else SA. Barrel 1953
WRA1285870PrivatePrvt Purchase 
WRA1286325PrivateCMPCMP Auction #46
WRA1286748Private OwnerCMPNavy Mk2Mod1
WRA1287393Private OwnerCMPSA 4-49 barrel
WRA1287526Private OwnerCMP forums 
WRA1288109Private OwnerCMPRack Grade
WRA1288222Private OwnerCMP forums 
WRA1288918Private OwnerCMPSERVICE grade
WRA1289015private Ownerpurcchased on website 
WRA1289121Private OwnerUnknownFeatured on p. 25-32, GCAJ V 23, I 1
WRA1289321Private OwnerCMPBBL 12-49 SA FG Greek Return
WRA1289762D.Polachekprivate purchase 
WRA1289774Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1289943Private Ownerunkown 
WRA1290272Private OwnerCMPCORRECT
WRA1290321sigman2CMPLEAD Rebuild
WRA1290390Private OwnerGarand Data 
WRA1290933Private OwnerCMPsa 43 cmp woodless
WRA1291207Private OwnerPrivate 
WRA1291347Private OwnerCMP forums 
WRA1292344Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1293121Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1293460Private OwnerUnknownRe-welded Receiver
WRA1293753Private OwnerCMP auctionItem #618
WRA1294114Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 3558
WRA1294189Private OwnerCMPWRA Service Grade
WRA1294441Private OwnerCMPConverted to Drill Rifle.Converted back to firing condition.
WRA1294658Private OwnerCMPcorrection
WRA1295070Private OwnerCMPLead 6-66 rebuild
WRA1295107Private OwnerCMP Forums 
WRA1295353Private OwnerGarand Data 

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