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List started by MikeD@Jouster/CMP Forum
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 1718 items in 35 pages
WRA1281115Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #949
WRA1281810Private OwnerCMPmostly wra barrel springfield
WRA1281900Private OwnerCMPSpringfield trigger group, Winchester bolt, Danish made barrel and stock.
WRA1282209Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1282291Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 3155
WRA1282473PrivateCMPTE 73
WRA1282573Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1282751Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1282798Private OwnerCMPBought at north store 8-3-13 VAR barrel
WRA1282988Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1283323Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1283545Private OwnerCMPSA 7 46 Barrel
WRA1283900Private OwnerCMPPurchased from CMP approximately 10 years ago.
WRA1284068Private OwnerCMP forums 
WRA1284138Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 3232
WRA1284166Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1284193Private OwnerBattlerifles 
WRA1284460Private OwnerBattlerifles 
WRA1284634Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1284661Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1284833Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1284978Private OwnerAmback 
WRA1285177Keith EichenlaubGreek ReturnIntact original Barrel , bolt, uncut OP rod, Seting in a DAS stamped stock with a (AN) Anniston rework stamp left side stock.
WRA1285569Private OwnerCMP forums 
WRA1285719Private OwnerBattlerifles 
WRA1285828Private OwnerCMPWRA receiver everything else SA. Barrel 1953
WRA1285870PrivatePrvt Purchase 
WRA1286325PrivateCMPCMP Auction #46
WRA1286748Private OwnerCMPNavy Mk2Mod1
WRA1287266Private OwnerCMPCMP Special purchased in early 2018. Looks to be a post war rebuild mixmaster with WRA gas block, SA 1944 trigger group, SA 10-46 barrel and post war op rod. Sights are also post war DRC. Wood is GI with ordinance cartouche and circle p proof. Great shooter and looks good too.
WRA1287393Private OwnerCMPSA 4-49 barrel
WRA1287526Private OwnerCMP forums 
WRA1288109Private OwnerCMPRack Grade
WRA1288222Private OwnerCMP forums 
WRA1288658Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1288918Private OwnerCMPSERVICE grade
WRA1289015private Ownerpurcchased on website 
WRA1289121Private OwnerUnknownFeatured on p. 25-32, GCAJ V 23, I 1
WRA1289321Private OwnerCMPBBL 12-49 SA FG Greek Return
WRA1289762D.Polachekprivate purchase 
WRA1289774Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1289943Private Ownerunkown 
WRA1290272Private OwnerCMPCORRECT
WRA1290321sigman2CMPLEAD Rebuild
WRA1290390Private OwnerGarand Data 
WRA1290933Private OwnerCMPsa 43 cmp woodless
WRA1291207Private OwnerPrivate 
WRA1291347Private OwnerCMP forums 

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