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USRIFLECAL30M1.COM M1 Garand Master List
List started by MikeD@Jouster/CMP Forum
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SA3287Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 3874
SA3312Private OwnerFriend 
SA3317Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA3325Private OwnerPrivate saleRifle acquired in France. Original barrel had been replaced with 2-SA-3-43. Other parts found replaced all of pre 1943 vintage. Stock had been replaced with a WW2 SA stock. No cartouches other than small ordnance wheel, bottom of pistol grip. Sling Milsco 1944. Had been in French family collection since WW2
SA3364Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #563
SA3387Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #70
SA3402Private OwnerCMP 
SA3445Private OwnerCMP forums 
SA3506Private OwnerCMPcurrently receiver only
SA3511Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #332
SA3536Private OwnerCMPCMP Auction Listing # 1616
SA3565Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #90
SA3688Private OwnerCMP 
SA3740Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #352
SA3748Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #77
SA3798Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #907
SA3865Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #448
SA3877Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 1993
SA3888Private OwnerUnknown 
SA3906Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #1690
SA3909Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA3946Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #309
SA3960Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #586 Has 7th round mod
SA3977Private OwnerCMPCMP Auction Listing # 1585
SA4004Private OwnerBattlerifles 
SA4016Springfield Armory Museum/Aberdeen Proving GrounfCatalog Number:SPAR 8892Weapon on loan to the Springfield Armory National Historic Site courtesy of Aberdeen Proving Ground (Ordnance Museum), Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Loan returned to Aberdeen Proving Ground on 03/16/2001
SA4042Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #2188
SA4081Private OwnerDupage 
SA4094Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 3475
SA4101Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 1767 M1D
SA4102Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem 821
SA4161Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #740
SA4183Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #648
SA4224Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 2388 Has 7th round mod
SA4257Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #520
SA4305Private OwnerAuctionpost WWII 40s restoration
SA4323privateprivate purchess 
SA4332Private OwnerDCM 
SA4443Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 2358
SA4454Private OwnerCMPBeing restored to gas trap
SA4464Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #860
SA4503Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #1747
SA4531Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #1417
SA4666Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 2507
SA4690Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA4726Private OwnerunknownRECEIVER does not have the seventh round modification 95% gray-green finish no rebuild marks
SA4756Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #858

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