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USRIFLECAL30M1.COM M1 Garand Master List
List started by MikeD@Jouster/CMP Forum
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 13880 items in 278 pages
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 13880 items in 278 pages
SA2075Private OwnerCMP7th ROUND MOD
SA2106Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA2126Private OwnerGarand stand report #89 
SA2142Private OwnerPvt PurchSA 6-46 barrel SecNav trophy rifle (USMC)
SA2153Private OwnerCMP 
SA2235Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #140
SA2251Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #1931
SA2262Private OwnerCMP 
SA2266Private OwnerCMP 
SA2281Private OwnerCMP 
SA2295Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #275
SA2322Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #63
SA2340Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #871
SA2342Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #638
SA2359Private OwnerCMPRestored to Gas Trap Configuration-Ribs Welded
SA2366Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #670
SA2387Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 2387 Has 7TH round mod
SA2481Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 2437
SA2489Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 3139
SA2494Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #839
SA2517Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing #2181
SA2529Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #65
SA2538Jay BCMP auctionLetterKenny rebuild with leg date 8-64 first month , if anyone knows of any other low serial number LetterKennys feel free to email me at I'm always looking to trade or buy any LetterKenny firearms or items
SA2602Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem 815
SA2672Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #1312
SA2675Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 2067
SA2728Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #1612
SA2806Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 2285
SA2838Private OwnerUNKOWNOriginal gas trap auction rock island
SA2862Nodak71CMP AuctionPurchased as receiver only in 2003
SA2863Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 2357
SA2880Private OwnerCMPCurrently a Shuff’s MiniG-Ribs Welded
SA2887Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #2629
SA2972Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 1823
SA2985Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem 835
SA3002Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #760
SA3006Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA3116Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 3607
SA3117Private Ownerprivate purchess 
SA3124Private OwnerCMPSA 6-44 BBL
SA3126Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #525
SA3138Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 3138
SA3155Private OwnerCMP 
SA3167Private OwnerCMPItem #686
SA3175Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #558
SA3260Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA3273Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #891

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