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SABoltD28287-2SAT1September/1940 to November/194059869 - 90177 
SABullet GuideB8875Type 1AJanuary/1936 to April/19391 - 9999Forged and milled, narrow slot. Marked "B-8875".
SABullet GuideB8875Type 1BApril/1939 to April/194010000 - 35000Forged and milled, narrow slot. Marked "B8875".
SABullet GuideB8875Type 1CApril/1940 to September/194035001 - 65000Forged and milled, narrow slot. Marked "B8875SA".
SABullet GuideB8875Type 2ASeptember/1940 to August/194165001 - 300000Forged and milled, narrow slot. Marked "B8875-1SA".
SABullet GuideB8875Type 2BAugust/1941 to March/1943300001 - 1400000Forged and milled, wide slot. Not marked.
SABullet GuideB8875Type 3March/1943 to May/19441400001 - 2850000Forged and milled, wide slot. Not marked. Indentations on right and left side at bottom 90 degree bend.
SABullet GuideB8875Type 4May/1944 to October/19452850001 - 3888999Stamped steel, wide slot. Not marked. Top end folded back and formed.
SABullet GuideB8875Type 5November/1945 to December/19573889000 - 6100500Stamped steel, wide slot. Not marked. 0.25 notch in upper left side
SAButtplate AssemblyC41012Type 1January/1936 to October/19401 - 70000No cap, 5.5 checks in top row.
SAButtplate AssemblyC64283Type 2October/1940 to December/195770001 - 6100500Cap, 12 squares in vertical row intersecting screw hole.
SAClip EjectorC46018N/AJanuary/1936 to December/19571 - 6100500Early were blued, late were parkerized.
SAClip LatchC46011Type 1AJanuary/1936 to July/194081 - 50000Rounded front end at top, marked "-O" or "O" (used primarily with gas trap rifles)
SAClip LatchC46011Type 1BJuly/1940 to March/194450001 - 2720000Rounded front end at top, unmarked
SAClip LatchC46011Type 2November/1943 to December/19572110000 - 6100500 
SAClip Latch PinN/AN/AJanuary/1936 to December/19571 - 61005003.280 inches long,head is 0.155 inches in diameter and 0.065 inches high. Opposite end slightly rounded. Body of pin is 0.119 inches in diameter.
SAClip Latch SpringN/AN/AJanuary/1936 to December/19571 - 61005000.03 inch steel wire, 5 coils, outside diameter 0.26 inch. White finish is original, Parkerized indicates refinishing.
SAElevating PinionN/AType 1January/1936 to March/19421 - 540000Short with 6-40NF thread, with flush nut. Early examples (to circa 46,000-47,00) were marked inside with the part number.
SAElevating PinionN/AType 2March/1942 to November/1942540000 - 1000000Short, same as Type 1 but with locking bar substituted for flush nut, 6-40NF thread.
SAElevating PinionN/AType 3August/1942 to June/1945800000 - 3800000Long with 8-36 NF thread, with locking bar.
SAElevating PinionN/AType 4June/1945 to December/19573800001 - 6100500Postwar with 8-36NF thread, no locking bar
SAElevation KnobN/AType 1AJanuary/1936 to July/19401 - 47000Part number inside, checkered rim with closed arrowheads.
SAElevation KnobN/AType 1BJune/1940 to September/194246000 - 850000No part number, checkered rim with closed arrowheads.
SAElevation KnobN/AType 1CSeptember/1942 to October/1945850000 - 3888081Knurled rim, closed arrowheads.
SAElevation KnobN/AType 2January/1952 to December/19574206000 - 6099905Postwar, integral part of pinion. May be marked "SA" in late 1950s+
SAExtractorN/AN/AJanuary/1936 to December/19571 - 6100500Blued or Parkerized during WWII, all Parkerized after WWII.
SAExtractor Spring and PlungerB8886N/AJanuary/1936 to December/19571 - 6100500Early may be blued.
SAFiring PinB8879Type 1January/1936 to December/19411 - 425000Round cross section.
SAFiring PinB8879Type 2December/1941 to December/1957425001 - 6100500Half round cross section.
SAFollower and SlideN/AType 1AJanuary/1936 to November/19391 - 20000Marked with "1".
SAFollower and SlideN/AType 1BNovember/1939 to May/194020001 - 39000Marked with "2".
SAFollower and SlideN/AType 1CMay/1940 to May/194139001 - 240000Marked with "3".
SAFollower and SlideN/AType 1DMay/1940 to May/194139001 - 240000Unmarked
SAFollower and SlideN/AType 2AMay/1941 to October/1941240001 - 350000Unmarked.
SAFollower and SlideN/AType 2BOctober/1941 to July/1942350001 - 710000Marked with "8".
SAFollower and SlideN/AType 2CJuly/1942 to October/1943710001 - 2000000Marked with "11".
SAFollower and SlideN/AType 2DOctober/1943 to March/19452000001 - 3650000Marked with "12".
SAFollower and SlideN/AType 2EMarch/1945 to October/19453650001 - 3888081Marked with "13".
SAFollower and SlideN/AType 2FOctober/1945 to December/19573888082 - 6100500Unmarked.
SAFollower ArmB8869Type 1January/1936 to September/19391 - 15500Single triangular bevel on right side. Unmarked.
SAFollower ArmB8869Type 2September/1939 to March/194015501 - 33000Double bevel, stamped "B8869".
SAFollower ArmB8869Type 3March/1940 to July/194133001 - 290000Unmarked. Single shallow bevel on left side above pin hole. Follower arm lugs were rounded.
SAFollower ArmB8869Type 4July/1941 to October/1945290001 - 3888999No bevel, rounded follower arm pin lugs. May ahve raised "S" marking as well as number stamped indicating drop forge used.
SAFollower ArmB8869Type 4November/1945 to December/19573889000 - 6100500No bevel, rounded follower arm pin lugs. Unmarked.
SAFollower Arm Pin13667Type 3November/1945 to December/19573889000 - 6100500No rebate on either end, straight shaft.
SAFollower Arm PinA13667Type 1January/1936 to December/19411 - 4290000.15 in rebate at end.
SAFollower Arm PinA13667Type 2December/1941 to October/1945429001 - 38889990.15 in rebate at end, 0.07 in at top.
SAFollower RodC46014Type 1AJanuary/1936 to November/19401 - 79000Drawing number on rod. Short fork. 14 vertical knurls, round behind shoulder. Used with compensating spring.
SAFollower RodC46014Type 1BJanuary/1936 to November/19401 - 79000No drawing number on rod. Short fork, 14 vertical knurls, round behind shoulder. Used with compensating spring.
SAFollower RodC64331Type 2October/1940 to February/194170000 - 190000Short fork. Drawing number not marked, round behind shoulder. No compensating spring.

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