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USRIFLECAL30M1.COM M1 Garand Components Listing
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MFGComponentDrawing NumberHeat LotDate RangeSerial# RangeNotes
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IHCHandguard FerruleN/AType 2January/1953 to December/19564400000 - 5278245Lip protruding .06 inches from rear barrel hole.
IHCHandguard LinerB8893Type 4January/1953 to December/19564400000 - 5278245Unmarked. No front or rear hole. Notch is .70 inches wide by .15 inches deep.
IHCLower BandC46000Type 3January/1953 to December/19574400000 - 5278245Stamped flat profile with no groove or scallops. Unmarked.
IHCLower Band PinN/AType 2January/1953 to December/19564400000 - 5278245Roll pin.
IHCOperating Rod6535382 IHC10December/1955 to December/19565100000 - 5278245Straight bolt lug, 5/16 radius cut, flat side, marking on bottom. May have a letter marking below drawing number on late production.
IHCOperating RodD-6535382 IHC10January/1953 to December/19544400000 - 4660000Straight bolt lug, 5/16 radius cut, flat side, marking on bottom
IHCOperating RodD6535382 IHC10January/1954 to December/19555000501 - 5150000Straight bolt lug, 5/16 radius cut, flat side, marking on bottom
IHCOperating Rod Catch AssemblyC46027Type 2January/1953 to December/19564400000 - 5278245Early unmarked, later marked "B,C,F,G,H, or I". Right fork 0.10 in wide and Left fork 0.07 in wide, width at accelerator rivet 0.79 in.
IHCOperating Rod SpringSA14675/B147658N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564400000 - 5278245Round cross section.
IHCRear Hand GuardC46024Type 2January/1953 to December/19564400000 - 5278245Operating rod clearance cut on right rear.
IHCRear Sight BaseC46001Type 2January/1953 to December/19564400000 - 5278245may be stamped "A" or "C"
IHCRear Sight CoverB8872N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564400000 - 5278245Similar to Type 2 SA.
IHCRear Sight Lock NutN/AType 3January/1953 to December/19564400000 - 5278245Windage knob nut.
IHCReceiverD6528291-CN/AJanuary/1953 to December/19534400000 - 4660000 
IHCReceiverD6528291-DN/AJanuary/1953 to December/19534400000 - 4660000 
IHCReceiverD6528291-GN/AJanuary/1953 to December/19534400000 - 4660000 
IHCReceiverD6528291-HN/AJanuary/1953 to January/19534400000 - 4660000 
IHCReceiverD6528291-IN/AJanuary/1953 to December/19534400000 - 4660000 
IHCReceiverD6528291-JN/AJanuary/1954 to December/19545000501 - 5278245 
IHCReceiverD6528291-LN/AJanuary/1954 to December/19545000501 - 5278245 
IHCReceiverD6528291-MN/AJanuary/1954 to December/19545000501 - 5278245 
IHCReceiverD6528291-NN/AJanuary/1954 to December/19545000501 - 5278245 
IHCReceiverD652891-42N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19534400000 - 4660000 
IHCReceiverD652891-43N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19534400000 - 4660000 
IHCReceiverIHC F 6528291N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19534400000 - 4660000 
IHCReceiverIHCD652891-AN/AJanuary/1953 to December/19534400000 - 4660000 
IHCSafetyC46015Type 3DJanuary/1953 to December/19544400000 - 4660000marked "IHC" on right side, tooling hole.
IHCSafetyC46015Type 3EJanuary/1954 to December/19565000501 - 5278245marked "F" on right side, tooling hole.
IHCStacking Swivel ScrewB8891N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564400000 - 5278245 
IHCStacking Swivel ScrewN/AN/AJanuary/1953 to December/19564400000 - 5278245 
IHCStockD35647Type 2CJanuary/1953 to December/19544400000 - 4499000.81/.81 butt stock holes, 1.75 inch channel, Straight clip latch relief, .44 Ordnance Wheel on left or right side. Julian date stamped in barrel channel.
IHCStockD35647Type 2CJanuary/1954 to December/19564450000 - 5728245.81/.81 butt stock holes, 1.75 inch channel, Straight clip latch relief, DOD Acceptance Stamp(.50x.50). Julian date stamped in barrel channel.
IHCStock Ferrule AssemblyC40613Type 2CJanuary/1953 to December/19564400000 - 52782452 piece stamped steel/brazed construction. 0.190 inch hole at bottom of U shaped channel.
IHCTriggerC46020Type 2January/1953 to December/19564400000 - 5278245No tooling hole. No markings.
IHCTrigger GuardC7312631Type 2BJanuary/1953 to December/19564400000 - 5278245Stamped, tab hook. No markings.
IHCTrigger Housing6528290 IHCType 1BJanuary/1954 to December/19565000001 - 5278245Cloverleaf hole, pad width 0.205 inch. May be marked with letter code.
IHCTrigger HousingIHC D6528290Type 1AJanuary/1953 to December/19544400000 - 4660000Cloverleaf hole, pad width 0.205 inch. May be marked with letter code.
IHCTrigger PinA13669N/AJanuary/1953 to December/19574400000 - 5278245Head may be punch marked.
SAAperatureB8868-1Type 1January/1936 to November/19391 - 20000Gas trap, no tracks on bottom surface on either side of the teeth. Drawing number "B8868-1" stamped on upper curved surface.
SAAperatureB8868-1Type 2November/1939 to February/194020000 - 28000No tracks on the bottom of either side of the teeth and drawing number omitted.
SAAperatureB8868-1Type 3-1February/1940 to December/195728000 - 6100500Early version. Rounded ramp shoulders below aperature disk. Narrow tracks (0.065 inches wide).
SAAperatureB8868-1Type 3-2February/1940 to December/195728000 - 6100500Late version. Squared ramp shoulders below aperature disk. Wide tracks (0.085 inches wide). Edges of aperture disk smoothly finished.
SAAperatureB8868-1Type 4/5December/0 to December/00 - 0NM. Part#s 7268110(0.0520 inch peep hole) and 7268109(0.0595 inch peep hole). Type 5 was the hooded NM version.
SABarrelD28286N/AJanuary/1936 to June/19401 - 50000Gas Trap barrel.
SABarrelD35448N/AJuly/1940 to December/195750001 - 6100500Generally dated to within 3 months of Receiver manufacture date.
SABolt6528287-SAA-10January/1952 to December/19544240000 - 5329999 
SABolt6528287-SAA11January/1952 to December/19544240000 - 5329999 
SABolt6528287-SAA13January/1954 to December/19555290000 - 5439999 
SABolt6528287-SAA14January/1954 to November/19575330000 - 5869999 
SABolt6528287-SAA15January/1954 to December/19575420000 - 5969999 

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