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List started by MikeD@Jouster/CMP Forum
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IHC5134151Dept. of the ArmyDept. of the ArmyRifle on loan to Veterans Organization - rifle is originlal and appears to have very little, if any use. Barrel dated 1 54, stock is Overton mfg stamped 1725 in channel. NOTE: In Jan. 2015 this rifle along with IHC # 5134151 was stolen from the American Legion Hall in Franklin, N.C. If you should come across either of these rifles please contact the Franklin P.D. 828-524-2864
IHC5134715Private OwnerCMP 
IHC5135006Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 4170 Drill Rifle
IHC5135671Private OwnerCMP forumsDrill Rifle
IHC5136339Private OwnerCMPGCA Journal Volume 27 Issue 3
IHC5136511Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 2744
IHC5137044Private OwnerUnkownreceiver/sa barrel
IHC5137467Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 3990 Rack Grade
IHC5137586Private OwnerArlington OrdnanceI purchased this off Gunbroker. Has the LMR Barrel, but mostly Springfield parts otherwise. Getting ready to replace the stock, as the stock that came on it is sanded down to the point that the buttplate is larger than the stock.
IHC5137810Private OwnerCMPLMR 3-54 bbl, all correct except SA Safety and Stock. Was a 1998 Special Grade.
IHC5138187Private OwnerCMP forums 
IHC5138621Private OwnerCMP 
IHC5139028Private OwnerCMPPurchased as CMP Field Grade, non-LMR barrel 3/15. Current barrel is SA 8/65
IHC5139502Private OwnerCMPGCA Journal Volume 27 Issue 3
IHC5139955PrivateCMP forums 
IHC5140275Private OwnerCMP PurchaseLMR 4-54 barrel
IHC5140422Private OwnerAlabama Armslist 
IHC5140641Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 3049
IHC5140833Private Ownerunknownrebuilt fulton armory barrel mostly correct
IHC5141019Private OwnerCMPLMR barrel
IHC5141044Private OwnerCMP forums 
IHC5141879Private OwnerPvt PurchBBL SA 5-53 Orig
IHC5141880Private OwnerPvt PurchBBL LMR 3-54
IHC5142013Private OwnerDCMLMR barrel
IHC5142573Private OwnerCMP 
IHC5143162Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
IHC5143720Private OwnerCMPMix Master, only other IHC part is the bolt
IHC5143744Private OwnerCMP forums 
IHC5144027Private Ownerunkownrebuilt
IHC5144152Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseBuilt up from barreled receiver. 10/53 barrel. All IHC parts except for stock.
IHC5144762Co2Chief1947CMPLMR barrel 3/54 Service Grade
IHC5145391Private OwnerCMPLMR Barrel
IHC5145894Private OwnerCMP AuctionListing # 2700
IHC5146941Private OwnerCMPRRAD 7-64 Rebuild. SA 5-64 Barrel, MW = 1 & TE = 2.5 Mix of WWII SA and post war SA/HRA parts.
IHC5147047Private OwnerCMP forums 
IHC5147624Private OwnerCMP 
IHC5147701Private OwnerCMP forums 

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