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USRIFLECAL30M1.COM M1 Garand Master List
List started by MikeD@Jouster/CMP Forum
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 3340 items in 67 pages
HRA5701320Private OwnerPrivate saleGun show 1994
HRA5701333Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5701370Private OwnerCMPOct-55
HRA5701805Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
HRA5702031Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5702142Private OwnerCMPCMP Special, New Stock, Criterion Barrel, H&R reciever, SA internals
HRA5702193Private Ownergunbrokergunbroker user
HRA5702714Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5702764Private OwnerCMPBarrel date 11/55
HRA5702802Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5703015Private OwnerCMP forums 
HRA5703080Private Ownerprivate owner 
HRA5703135Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5703594Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5703837PrivateCMPCMP collector grade.
HRA5703906Private OwnerCMP forums 
HRA5704259Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5704291Private OwnerCMP11-55 bbl
HRA5704554Private OwnerCMP Forums 
HRA5704555PrivatePrivate11-55 HRA bbl
HRA5704572Private OwnerGunbrokerVery good condition. Correct.
HRA5704745Private OwnerPvt Purchdemil
HRA5705105PrivatePrivate11-55 HRA bbl
HRA5705619Private OwnerCMPReceived from CMP 7/21. 11-55 HRA Barrel. LEAD 9/64 refurb.
HRA5705932Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5706052Private OwnerCMP Forums 
HRA5706112Private OwnerCMPnever been fired after factory.
HRA5706127Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5706245Private OwnerCMP forums 
HRA5706327Private OwnerCMP forums 
HRA5706481Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5706489Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5706683privateCMPBarrel date of manufacture is November 1955.
HRA5707247Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5707325Private OwnerCMP1-22-2018 Muzzle 2+ Throat 1+ Service Grade H&R mfg 1954-56
HRA5707422PrivatePrivateHRA bbl
HRA5708159Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5708165Private OwnerCMPDec-55
HRA5708166Private OwnerCMPDec-55
HRA5708226Private OwnerLGSDecember '55 barrel HRA.
HRA5708319Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5708634D.PolachekCMPhra 10-55 barrel me 1 te 2
HRA5708684PrivateCMPHRA 12/55 barrel, SG
HRA5708685Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5708730Private OwnerCMPCMP service grade
HRA5708911Private OwnerGarand Data 
HRA5709056Private OwnerCMP/TWD 

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