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USRIFLECAL30M1.COM M1 Garand Master List
List started by MikeD@Jouster/CMP Forum
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HRA5660718Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5660757Private OwnerCMPLMR 2-55 bbl
HRA5660862Private OwnerCMPHRA 7 55 barrel
HRA5661033Private OwnerCMPBarrel HRA 6-55 HRA
HRA5661041Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5661113Private OwnerPrivateDemilled Receiver
HRA5661277Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5661300Private OwnerCalguns 
HRA5661539Private OwnerCMPObtained Sept 2014, while awaiting my AMC at Anniston. Was looking for a 1956 built SN and this was found. I think the armorer misunderstood and found a 5.6M SN. It's all good, Shoots well. Went to build 'my' rifle and came home with two. :-)
HRA5661593Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5661709Private OwnerPrivate OwnerP HRA 6535448 6 55 RS52 P with dot M V w/star three dots in a rectangle on barrel all other components seem to approximate the information list.
HRA5661809Private OwnerCMPJun-55
HRA5661838Private OwnerCMP North Store 
HRA5661929Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5661976Private OwnerCMPbarrel LMR 2-55
HRA5661981Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5662046Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5662202Private OwnerCMPCMP "Correct Grade" - G4
HRA5662261Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5662282Private ownerCMP 
HRA5662296Private OwnerCMPJun-55
HRA5662453Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5662569Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5662640privatecmpservice grade
HRA5662754Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5663067Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5663139Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5663304Private OwnerCMPPurchased 9/9/2017 as a HRA Collector Grade. Possibly unissued
HRA5663380Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5663404Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5663417Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5663490Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5663596Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5663632Private OwnerCMP forums 
HRA5663701Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5663732Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5664002Private Ownerpvt PurchCorrect 7-55 bbl
HRA5664053Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5664154Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5664257Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5664285Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
HRA5664286Private OwnerCMPCMP Service Grade Special
HRA5664303Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5664315Private OwnerCMPPurchased directly from CMP in Anniston,AL in October 2012
HRA5664346DAV Chapter 35MemberThis rifle has not been plugged or welded. It is 100% fully operational.
HRA5664425Private OwnerCMP8/55 HRA Barrel. Likely original. HRA U Bolt.
HRA5664474PrivatePrivate7-55 HRA bbl

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