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USRIFLECAL30M1.COM M1 Garand Master List
List started by MikeD@Jouster/CMP Forum
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SA5880676Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5880719Private OwnerCMP 
SA5880824Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA5880842Private OwnerCMP 
SA5880907Private OwnerCMPGCAJ Vol 24 I 4 p.10
SA5881111Private OwnerCMP 
SA58811443StrikesNCCMP Service Grade 
SA5881188Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5881190Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5881203Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5881217Private OwnerPrivate saleCMP stock set, complete H&R trigger group, Springfield 1955 barrel gauges at 1. May have been sold by CMP.
SA5881231Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5881316Private OwnerCMP 
SA5881328Private OwnerCMP 
SA5881333Private OwnerCMP 
SA5881431Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5881509Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA5881613Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5881727Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5881774Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5881853Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5881856Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5881882Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5881924Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5881926Private OwnerCMPGCAJ Vol 24 I 4 p.10
SA5881929Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5881965Private Ownergun shop 
SA5882014Private OwnerCMP 
SA5882043Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5882197Private OwnerCMP 
SA5882255Private OwnerCMP 
SA5882259Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5882276IsmithCMPSA 5-55 dated barrel
SA5882386Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA5882465Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5882502Private OwnerCMPGCAJ Vol 24 I 4 p.10
SA5882515Private OwnerCMP 
SA5882517Private OwnerCMP 
SA5882572Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5882593Private OwnerCMPreceiver south store
SA5882668Private OwnerCMPI purchased this M1 from CMP in 2009.
SA5882783Private OwnerCMPCORRECT with certificate
SA5882836Private OwnerCMPGCAJ Vol 24 I 4 p.10
SA5882877Private OwnerCMPCMP Service Grade
SA5883025Private ownerPrivate owner 
SA5883052Private OwnerCmp auctionItem #1621
SA5883054Private OwnerCMP AuctionItem #1621

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