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USRIFLECAL30M1.COM M1 Garand Master List
List started by MikeD@Jouster/CMP Forum
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HRA5527536Private OwnerCMP HRA Barrell 9-54
HRA5528151Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5528175Private OwnerCMPHRA 9-54 Barrel
HRA5528212Private OwnerCMPCMP Special
HRA5528415Keith EichenlaubCMP- TaylorHRA 6535448 B 9-54 RS38, T=1 M=.5
HRA5528482Private OwnerCMP9-54 barrel, service grade
HRA5528592Springfield Armory MuseumCatalog Number:SPAR 3448Catalog Number:SPAR 3448
HRA5528618Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5528953PrivatePrivate9-54 HRA bbl
HRA5529080Private OwnerCMPCMP Correct HRA 9-54 Barrel
HRA5529141Private OwnerCMPCorrect Grade
HRA5529165Private OwnerPvt Purchaftermarket stock
HRA5529184Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5529204Private OwnerCMPCMP Service Grade with USGI walnut stock
HRA5529386PrivatePrivate9-54 HRA bbl
HRA5529605Private OwnerCMPCMP Field Grade
HRA5529636Private OwnerCMPCMP Service Grade Special
HRA5529996Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5530003Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5530089Private OwnerESTATE AuctionAll original and marked parts are HRA. Almost perfect stock!
HRA5530322Private OwnerCMPBarrel: HRA 6535448 8-54 RS36, Receiver: 6528291, Op Rod: 6535382 HRA, Bolt: 6528287-SA / A-10
HRA5530467Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5530497Private OwnerCMPCMP SG
HRA5530552PrivatePrivate10-54 HRA bbl
HRA5530605Private OwnerGarand DataSep-54
HRA5530713Private OwnerCMPCMP Service Grade Special
HRA5530795Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5531060PrivateCMPCMP Auction #55
HRA5531111Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5531319PrivateCMPhra 8-54 battel
HRA5531359Private OwnerCMPbarrel dated 8-54
HRA5531539PrivateCMPCMP Auction #55
HRA5531571Private OwnerCMPCorrect. Username @ is Beretta16 - Contact only if consecutive.
HRA5531576Private OwnerPrivate owner 
HRA5531631mp1stsgt on CMP ForumCMPNice Service Grade
HRA5531677Private OwnerGarand Data 
HRA5531684Private ownerPrivate owner 
HRA5531715Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5531717Private OwnerCMPNov-54
HRA5531772Private ownerPrivate owner 
HRA5531963Private ownerPrivate owner 
HRA5532098Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5532299Private OwnerCMPHRA barrel
HRA5532368Private OwnerBattlerifles 
HRA5532464Private ownerPrivate owner 
HRA5532546Private OwnerCMPIf you have information about this rifle, you can contact me at

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