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USRIFLECAL30M1.COM M1 Garand Master List
List started by MikeD@Jouster/CMP Forum
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HRA5498141Private OwnerCMP forums 
HRA5498257Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5498333Private OwnerCMPCMP Special purchased in August of 2014
HRA5498832Private OwnerCMPBBL HRA 8-54
HRA5498976Private OwnerUnknown 
HRA5499244Private OwnerCMPcorrect
HRA5499333Private OwnerGunbrokerGunbroker user madpart
HRA5499342Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5499352n/aCabela's in Ft. Worth, Texas. 
HRA5499502Private OwnerCMP forums 
HRA5500034Private OwnerCMPSA Barrell
HRA5500125Private OwnerCMPservice grade 6-52 barrel USGI stock
HRA5500160Private OwnerCMPCriterion barrel, Receiver marked 6528291, Follower marked 12, Bolt 12SA S-04, Hammer 7SA, Trigger 12-SA, Op rod D35382
HRA5500666Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5501440Private OwnerDCMbbl HRA-8-54
HRA5501848Private OwnerCMPH & R Barrel 8/54
HRA5501924Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5502228Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5502361Gulfport MCJROTCCMPDrill Rifle
HRA5502664Private Ownerunknown 
HRA5502702Private OwnerUnknown 
HRA5502854Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5503299Private OwnerPrivate 
HRA5503449Private OwnerCMPpurchased from CMP as RM1308SPECIAL so I no info on old barrel.
HRA5503450Private OwnerCMP North Store 
HRA5503490Private OwnerCMPbarrel 9-54 me/te-2 greek return
HRA5503683Private OwnerCMPCMP SG
HRA5503875Private OwnerPvt PurchJunk Barrel
HRA5503893Private OwnerPrivate ownerNM barrel and op rod
HRA5503900Private OwnerUnknownSA 6/44
HRA5504742Private OwnerCMPAll Correct. HRA 8-54 Barrel
HRA5504805Private OwnerBattlerifles 
HRA5504883Private OwnerCMPJul-54
HRA5504946Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5505009Private OwnerBattlerifles 
HRA5505045Private OwnerCMP forums 
HRA5505261Private OwnerCMPAug-54
hra5505274Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5505277Private OwnerCMP Forums 
HRA5505319Private OwnerCMPcmp special grade 7-54 HRA barrel
HRA5505483Private OwnerCMP forums 
HRA5505566Private OwnerCMP forums 
HRA5505703Private OwnerCMP 
HRA5505782Private OwnerCMPAug-54
HRA5505792Private OwnerCMP forums 
HRA5506026Private OwnerCMP North Store 
HRA5506226Private OwnerCMP8-54 barrel

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