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List started by MikeD@Jouster/CMP Forum
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SA762927Private OwnerBattlerifles 
SA763019Private OwnerCMP 
SA763956Private OwnerCMP 
SA764026Private OwnerUnknown 
SA765279Private OwnerGunbroker auctionI won this Garand on 09/26/2014 21:06:27 off a Gunbroker auction.
SA766911Private OwnerCMP 
SA767165Private Owner (PA)CMPAll Matching Parts.
SA767486Private OwnerCMP54 barrel
SA767682Private OwnerCMP 
SA767708Private OwnerCMPnavy barreled reciever mk2 mod1
SA767803Private OwnerCMP 
SA767809Private OwnerCMPGCA Journal Volume 27 Issue 3
SA767856Private OwnerCMPService Grade, 1942
SA768133dpd3672CMPNavy 7.62 Mk2Mod1 AMF conversion on SA 7-65 barrel
SA768183Private OwnerBattlerifles 
SA768770Private OwnerCMPsa barrel 5-45
SA768837Private OwnerCMP forums 
SA768852Private OwnerPrivate seller.Best guesses based on research is it served in two wars. 700k serial states mid '42 - Highly likely it saw usage. Also has import marks from Korea. Likely sent there and used again.
SA769104Private OwnerCMPNavy Mk2Mod1
SA769586Private OwnerCMPpost-war rebuild with new SA 50 barrel, NM op rod, replacement birch stock no cartouche
SA769589Private OwnerCMP 
SA770166Private Ownerunknownrebuild
SA771339Private OwnerPawnshop purchaseStock bears marks B(P) 1/230 in white stencil Right side of Buttstock. Great shape appears to be all correct DWG # exception of Bbl dated 1953.
SA772097Private OwnerCMP 
SA772387Private Ownerunknownrebuilt
SA772810Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA773419Private OwnerCMP forums 
SA775726Private OwnerBattlerifles 
SA775922Private OwnerPrivate Sale7.62 x 51 Cal.
SA776184Private OwnerGunbroker Private Owner 
SA776535Private OwnerCMP 
SA777298Private OwnerCMPNOT original has been rebuilt
SA777634Private OwnerCMPBA rebuilt DCM 1946 barrel
SA777734Private OwnerCMP 
SA777780Private OwnerCMP 
SA778662TankerfrankCMPNAVY 7.62mm
SA779707Private OwnerPrivate purchase 
SA779798Private OwnerCMP 
SA780457Private OwnerCMP 
SA780467Private OwnerCMP 
SA780571Private OwnerCMP forums 
SA781492Private OwnerCMP 
SA781807Private OwnerCMP 
SA782060Private OwnerCMPM1D, SA 2-52 Barrel, SA RA Open Box Stock.
SA783134Private OwnerCMP forums 
SA783767Private OwnerCMP forums 
SA784402Private OwnerGun StoreAppears to have been re arsenaled in 1944 or 1945 as it is all SA parts but most drawing numbers are from 1944 including the barrel.
SA784569Private OwnerCMP 

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