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USRIFLECAL30M1.COM M1 Garand Master List
List started by MikeD@Jouster/CMP Forum
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WRA1354045Private OwnerCMPSERVICE grade north store wra barrel
WRA1354929Private OwnerCMPNavy Mk2Mod1
WRA1355392Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1356744Private OwnerCMP 
SA1357666Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA1357727Private OwnerBattlerifles 
SA1357970Private OwnerPvt PurchSA/EMcF San Antonio Rebuild BBL SA 1-43
WRA1358074Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
WRA1358862Private Ownerunknownreceiver
WRA1358918Private OwnerUnkownrebuilt 51 barrel not original
SA1359413Private OwnerPvt Purch308 cal.
WRA1359551Private OwnerGarand Data 
WRA1360081Private OwnerCMP Greek Return
WRA1360577Private OwnerCMPNavy Mk2Mod1
WRA1360585Private OwnerCMPCMP auction Listing # 1485
SA1360585Private OwnerCMPCMP auction Listing # 1485
SA1361032Private OwnerCMP4-44 W/Brl.
SA1361105wstanleyCMPHRA 12-52 Barrel
WRA1361844Private OwnerCMPThis rifle was a CMP 2001 auction sale and it has the duplicate serial number A stamp at the end of the serial number. Everything is WRA including stock parts. Under the rear hand guard, stamped into the top of the barrel is “RBLT OBS3 11.5.45” Rebuilt by Ordnance Base Section Three May 11, 1945 in Brisbane Australia.
SA1361900Bad GamblerPrivate SellCMP gun. Almost all parts are period correct. Maybe original to the gun? 1-45 barrel,lock bar sights, SA/NFR Stock
WRA1362256Private OwnerCMPBBL 43
SA1362452Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA1362990PrivateCMPCMP Auction #42 Navy Mk2Mod0
SA1363020Private OwnerCMPREBUILT
WRA1363059Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA1363464Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA1364474Private OwnerUnknown 
SA1365378Private OwnerGarand Data 
WRA1366545Private OwnerBattlerifles 
WRA1367044Private OwnerCMPBBL 43
SA1367079Private OwnerCMP 
SA1367995Private OwnerAmback 
SA1368318Private OwnerCMP3-53 Barrel
SA1369126Private Ownerprivate purchadseSA 6-46 barrel, bedded action, no hanguard spacer,ihc hammer
WRA1369367Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA1369933Private ownerCMPRRAD rebuild 9-65 barrel SA 2 65
SA1370060Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1370612Private OwnerPvt PurchSA12-47 Barrel
SA1370953Private OwnerGarand Data 
SA1371321PrivateCMPType 2 NM
WRA1371820Private OwnerCMPGCA Journal Volume 27 Issue 1
WRA1372490Private OwnerunkownREBUILT mixed parts
WRA1372703Dept. of the ArmyDept. of the ArmyOn loan to The American Legion
SA1373493Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1373784Private OwnerCMP 
SA1373987Private OwnerCMP forums 

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